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When Should You Give Your Commercial Garage Door Contractor a Call?

In many facilities, companies have a handyman or general repair contractor that can handle some of the common repair and maintenance items that crop up from time to time. However, there are instances when a handyman is not ideal for the work at hand, and servicing your commercial garage door is one of those times. There are two primary times when you need to contact a commercial garage door contractor in Buffalo for assistance.

Replacing Your Door

Your handyman may be skilled at repairing and replacing interior doors on your property, but this is far different than replacing or installing a commercial garage door. The weight and mechanical features in a commercial garage door make this a different beast to tackle, and this means that the handyman should have experience and training in the garage door installation work before beginning the process.


When Should You Hire a Commercial Garage Door Contractor in Buffalo?

According to experts, there are many reasons why garage systems could malfunction. Depending on the issue, you may benefit from working with a commercial garage door contractor in Buffalo.

Battery Problems

A garage door won’t operate if power doesn’t flow to the transmitter. In this situation, you’ll need to replace the battery that’s found in the transmitter on your wall. If you don’t know how to replace the battery, a technician can help.

Alignment Issues

Every garage door has photo eyes, which are located in two spots. In the center of the eyes, there is an invisible beam; your door won’t open if something blocks the beam. A garage door repair technician in Buffalo usually solves this type of problem by cleaning or realigning the photo eyes.

Finding the Right Contractor for Garage Door Installation and Repairs

Finding a good commercial garage door contractor in Buffalo is important to keeping your garage doors in good repair. Follow these tips to assess your repair needs and find a good commercial garage door contractor.

Considerations for Repairs

Garage door installation contractors who are interested in a customer’s best interests will focus on fixing the problem’s source, instead of just the problem itself.

What Should a Technician Bring?

Technicians from reputable firms, such as Crawford Door of WNY, carry a good supply of the parts they need to use the most during repairs.

Buffalo Commercial Garage Door Contractor: Tune-Ups Ensure Your Safety

Just like the vehicles parked inside, the garage door of your home or business also needs tune-ups every now and then and should be regularly inspected. Carefully check the surfaces and parts, and observe if opening or closing the garage door takes more effort than usual.

When you do spot problems, you may be inclined to troubleshoot them yourself, however, most garage door repairs and maintenance are better left to experts. Here are the top signs of wear and tear to watch out for which a professional Buffalo commercial garage door contractor can fix.

A Commercial Garage Door Contractor in Buffalo Knows These Doors Well

The traditional pair of doors still works out as the most economic option, and they are easy to maintain for elegant homes. Sliding doors, on the other hand, can cost more money upfront, but they are easy to use and require little in the way of maintenance. Most sliding components will be sealed with a permanent protective coating, so painting is not required. In addition, many sliding door models have insulated panels that help keep the garage warm.

Side-hinge garage doors would fare better for houses since they are simple and easy to maintain, while sliding garage doors would be ideal for commercial spaces because of their long-term durability and reliability.

Buffalo Garage Door Repair Contractor for Repairs and Maintenance

What do you do if the garage door of your warehouse is squeaking louder than usual, and on some days it doesn’t want to move at all? You should consider calling a commercial garage door contractor in Buffalo! About.com contributor Jeff Beneke shares some ways to know when it’s time to call your contractor when it comes to both commercial and residential garage doors.

Quick Garage Door Fixes
Squeaking may be your garage door’s way of telling you it needs some basic maintenance. Try cleaning the rollers and tracks by giving them a good brushing and adding lubricant. If that doesn’t stop the squeaking, give a contractor a call.

Call a Commercial Garage Door Contractor in Buffalo for Your Door Woes

Back in 2013, Michael Jones of The Herald Times recounted a story about how he and his son tried to install a new garage door for their home, only to encounter many problems along the way. At one point, their door ended up being half an inch higher on one side. Jones almost called it quits, but his son simply loosened one of the hinges to put the door in its natural position. Jones admitted that the biggest reason why they had an especially difficult time installing their door was that they weren’t able to properly comprehend the instruction manual.

Although things worked out in the end, the Joneses spent more than a day just to fix a relatively simple garage door problem. For New York entrepreneurs and commercial establishment managers, this situation summarizes the importance of working with a reputable commercial garage door contractor from Buffalo, like Crawford Door of WNY.