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When Should You Give Your Commercial Garage Door Contractor a Call?

In many facilities, companies have a handyman or general repair contractor that can handle some of the common repair and maintenance items that crop up from time to time. However, there are instances when a handyman is not ideal for the work at hand, and servicing your commercial garage door is one of those times. There are two primary times when you need to contact a commercial garage door contractor in Buffalo for assistance.

Replacing Your Door

Your handyman may be skilled at repairing and replacing interior doors on your property, but this is far different than replacing or installing a commercial garage door. The weight and mechanical features in a commercial garage door make this a different beast to tackle, and this means that the handyman should have experience and training in the garage door installation work before beginning the process.


Materials & More: Choices to Make Before Any Garage Door Installation

Garage doors, just like your roofing and window, can come in a variety of materials, each of which is fit for different kinds of weather and usage. How long your garage door will last will definitely depend on the kind of choices you make when you purchase one.


Steel is considered to be the most popular choice when doing garage door installation. Aside from being the most affordable material, steel is also considered to be the most durable and a real value for money. Steel, however, is not something a commercial garage door contractor in Buffalo would recommend for everyone. Steel is a good conductor but a poor insulator.

When Should You Hire a Commercial Garage Door Contractor in Buffalo?

According to experts, there are many reasons why garage systems could malfunction. Depending on the issue, you may benefit from working with a commercial garage door contractor in Buffalo.

Battery Problems

A garage door won’t operate if power doesn’t flow to the transmitter. In this situation, you’ll need to replace the battery that’s found in the transmitter on your wall. If you don’t know how to replace the battery, a technician can help.

Alignment Issues

Every garage door has photo eyes, which are located in two spots. In the center of the eyes, there is an invisible beam; your door won’t open if something blocks the beam. A garage door repair technician in Buffalo usually solves this type of problem by cleaning or realigning the photo eyes.

Repair or Replace Faulty Garage Door Parts Before the Winter Sets In

Homeowners and business owners alike in Buffalo realize the importance of having a good garage door. When the garage door is faulty, you may be forced to park outside where inclement weather conditions can expose your car to the elements. When a car is subject to rain and snow, it will rust sooner. Issues with your garage door can also leave your car trapped inside. Having an unreliable garage door also increases security risks in homes and businesses. This is why faulty garage door parts must be repaired or replaced immediately.

Have a garage door repair technician’s contact information handy just in case you run into issues this winter. While you may know a thing or two about troubleshooting your garage door, it is still best to trust a professional. If necessary, you can easily get a replacement at affordable commercial garage door prices in Buffalo.

Aspects to Consider When Shopping for Commercial Garage Door Parts

A garage door functions through a system of springs, pulleys and other components, and each of the components must be in excellent condition in order for the door to raise, lower, lock and unlock. If a part breaks, before you search for commercial garage door parts in Buffalo so that you can repair the damage, it’s important to consider a few important factors about your options.

Understanding How the Repair Process Works

DIY garage door repair projects can be dangerous and come with the possibility of causing serious injury or worse. For example, the springs used on most types of garage doors are highly pressurized, and they can eject with great force. This can cause property damage or injury. The heavy weight of a garage door can also add to the challenge and risk associated with repairing the door.

Finding the Right Contractor for Garage Door Installation and Repairs

Finding a good commercial garage door contractor in Buffalo is important to keeping your garage doors in good repair. Follow these tips to assess your repair needs and find a good commercial garage door contractor.

Considerations for Repairs

Garage door installation contractors who are interested in a customer’s best interests will focus on fixing the problem’s source, instead of just the problem itself.

What Should a Technician Bring?

Technicians from reputable firms, such as Crawford Door of WNY, carry a good supply of the parts they need to use the most during repairs.

3 Things to Think About Before Buying a New Commercial Garage Door

Another important factor to consider when you are selecting a commercial garage door is the material. The material will play a key role in the price of your commercial garage door. Aluminum, for example, is more affordable than wood in most cases. Garage door parts and maintenance needs for different materials can also vary. You can inquire with a door supplier such as Crawford Door of WNY about the differences in materials like aluminum, wood, steel, and others.

After you have considered each of these points, you can narrow down the options to find the right door that is priced within your budget. The right garage door in Buffalo can be a true enhancement to your building, so take time to thoroughly review the options.